Healing Bundles


These healing bundles are tools to incorporate lessons into your healing and daily practice.

Each bundle has been cleansed and charged in a full or new moon, anointed through ceremony, entrusted with the frequency for shamanic healing


: sage and feather to smudge or cleanse
: palo santo to inspire K’anchay divine connection
: healing crystal to amplify the medicine
: essential oil to stabilize and remind
: matches and instructional scroll
: packaged in handpicked cloth and twine                           

$42.00 each


Sachamama :: South // Serpent

The way of the Hero - transform wounds into sources of power and compassion - we release limiting beliefs, the past stories, the emotional wounds and trauma, and step into a meaningful life infused with wisdom and purpose

Otorongo :: West // Jaguar

The way of the Luminous Warrior - embody the power of fearlessness - we face our darkness and death so we can immerse ourself in the flow of the universe with unwavering certainty

Siwar Q'enti :: North // Hummingbird

The way of the Seer - obtain the stillness of your soul - we embrace our found soul parts, a decluttered mind, and integrity to move through our journey with sweetness and grace 

Apuchin :: East // Eagle

The way of the Sage - become one with Spirit - we step into sacred time, experience transcendence and choose our own destiny though raised awareness and consciousness