Kawsay Readings

Kawsay Reading :: one-on-one healing experience beginning with an intuitive luminous energy field reading followed by energy balancing, crystal healing, and light language to cleanse, bless and protect. A stone or crystal may be prescribed for you at the appointment with spiritual homework. People seeking clarity, or feeling stuck are drawn to this offering. Most come twice a month. 60-75 mins, $175

Couples Kawsay Reading :: healing ceremony for the relationship in a private setting that aims help people reconnect to their relationship and find a greater sense of themselves within it. The intimate reading explores both the collective energy of the couples as well as the individual luminous energy fields. 75-90 mins, $250

Private Group Kawsay Reading Ceremony :: private ceremonies held for a maximum of 10 guests. The ceremony will combine crystal healing, energy balancing, intuitive reading, and spiritual guidance. These private ceremonies can be tailored to the group/host/business requesting them. Do encouraging work together, learn how to support each other and hold space as you heal as a tribe! To schedule, please email victoria.m.blackbird@gmail.com.

K’anchay Package :: includes // six one-on-one Kawsay Readings / two moon ceremonies (full and new) / one healing bundle of your choice / one bespoke medicine bundle / one personal space assessment and clearing. Recommended for a six month period of immersive healing work. $1,500.00