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Victoria has completed the 300hr Shamanic Energy Medicine Program at the Light Body School though The Four Winds Society.  She shares an energetic lineage with the Q'ero, Inca Shamans of Peru, a carrier of the Munay-Ki stewardship rites and The Rite of the Womb. 

The rites of the Munay-Ki : 

The Seers Rite, The Harmony Rite, The Bands of Power, The Healers Rite, The Daykeepers Rite, The Wisdomkeepers Rite, The Earthkeepers Rite, The Starkeepers Rite, and The Creator Rite, The Rite of the Womb

healing tools :: Palo Santo, Light Language and Kawsay

Beautiful Remembering

There is an energy of the earth, Pachamama, that is magnificent. We have been graced with the privilege to be its caretakers at this time. While wholeheartedly caring for we connect. Through connecting to the animals, the plants, the soil beneath or feet we tap into the energy that has all ways been since the beginning of time. As we fully embrace and integrate this life-giving force, kawsay, we experience a life filled with movement of pure joy, peace and serenity; heaven on earth. No longer are we walking dead - we are alive! All we must do is ask permission - give ourselves permission : to connect, to heal, to live.

Once we are consciously connected we be come a vessel. The Spirit, the energy of the earth, God, Prana begins to flow through us, out our fingertips, affecting everything we touch with - LIFE!

Choose for yourself this mantra :

no longer will I walk dead - today I choose life!

x :: vb



kawsay :: (n) Life force, energy that animates the universe. Sami, high frequency energy that comes from being in harmony with the universe, and hucha, heavy or dense energy generated by resistance to life in the form of stress-related attachments, are its two manifestations. Life. Everything is energy; one of the major organizing principles. The energy that permeates all of Creation on various vibrational levels. Much like chi, kawsay permeates all things in the living universe. Kawsay feels warm dense, and magnetic, and is comparable to gravitational energy in that its essence draws you to the Earth. It is used to heal physical illnesses as well as material conditions in one's life. Maintaining an energy body replete with kawsay is deemed indispensable in shamanic preventive medicine. (v) To live.

K’anchay healing uses the highest frequency of light to accesses the timeless realms of spirit, allowing the person in need of healing to step out of time and experience a sense of infinity. Traditional healers and shamans work within the energetic body - we all have one just as we have a physical body. The luminous energy field (LEF) surrounds and is intertwined with the physical. Here is where the alchemy is done.

Who... healing is for everyone, hose with specific physical diagnose : come regardless. The work is done in the Energy Body despite the physical symptoms // release limiting beliefs, the past stories, the emotional wounds and trauma to step into a meaningful life infused with wisdom and purpose

What.. each reading is unique beginning with an intuitive luminous energy field reading followed by energy balancing, crystal healing, and light language to cleanse, bless and protect. Clearing out the Hucha, heavy, replacing with Sami, light // face your darkness and death so you can immerse yourself in the flow of the universe with unwavering certainty

Why... to bring your physical and energy body back in to ANYI - right relationship - with the earth and your pure source/higher power/God. It is your birthright to live a life that is full, become the light // embrace your found soul parts, a decluttered mind, and integrity to move through your journey with sweetness and grace

How... begin by creating a safe space, then setting an intention, giving yourself permission, release, trust and receive to reawaken the soul. We work with a Kuya: a stone, or object of power that carries the medicine and energy of you // step into sacred time, experience transcendence and choose your own destiny though raised awareness and consciousness

cleansing / renewing / balancing / strengthening / fortifying


Practice Tools 

Bands of Power : protection, stability and connection to the earth instilled into the luminous energy field 

Card Reading : shed light and provide clarity through visual symbolism and a variety of spreads depending on the intention

Cord Cutting :  releasing attachments that do no longer serve us

Crystallized Extraction : energy that has crystallized and takes shape

Death Rites :  to release and grant freedom to the energy Body after physical death (Surrogate rites available to ensure those that have previously passed)

Decoupling : bringing your energy body back into balance and in rhythm with the earth

Fluid Extraction : entities or trapped energy within

Harmonic Chakra Attunement : Bringing function and proper movement back to the chakras

Holistic Health Coaching : creating a wholeness within through integrity of nutrients and environmental stability  

I Ching Reading : ancient Chinese divination text

Illumination : removing the hucha, unuseful, and replacing with sami, light

Rite of the Womb :  ceremony where this rite is transferred; it reminds us that the womb is not a place to store fear and pain but to create and give birth to life

Soul Retrieval :  bringing back the soul parts that had been lost or left in search of a safe space, typically during trauma or after repeated patterns

Space Clearing : unearth and remove unsuccessful energy, depositing it elsewhere to be fertilizer for the earth

Stone Reading : unique to the intention, provide clarity and guidance

Triangle of Disempowerment :  analyzing and breaking free from patterns of perpetrator, rescuer, and victim

Word Deconstruction : helps release emotions and energy regarding specific words

7 Chakra Illumination : unwinding and clearing and cleansing of the whole energy body



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